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TRIVIA QUESTION: When and why was Reddi-wip developed?

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Here are the Manhattan specials for Friday, July 25, 2014 - Thursday, July 31, 2014.


(Owned and operated by Morton Williams Wine & Spirits, call 212-213-0021 for FREE delivery anywhere in Manhattan, $75 min, 10% case discount on non-sale wine cases)                 

Smirnoff vodka, 1.75 liter bottle           $21.99

Alandra rose, 2012, 750ml bottle        $7.99

Domaine de la Petite Cassagne Costieres de Nimes rose, 2013, 750ml bottle            $9.99

Juve Y Camps Cava brut rose, 750ml bottle    $12.99

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde rose, 750ml bottle  $6.99

A to Z Wineworks rose, 2013, 750ml bottle      $10.99

Chateau d' Esclans Whispering Angel rose, 2013, 750ml bottle          $17.99



Fresh made, extra lean sirloin patties  $4.99lb

Poland Spring water, 24 pack, 16.9oz bottles  $4.99



Heartland granola cereal, 14-16oz box, original,  raisin or low fat raisin         2/$5

Post honeycomb, alpha bits or golden crisp cereal, 12-14.75oz box   $3.99

Welch's 100% grape juice, 64oz bottle (excludes Essentials) $4.99

Shop Rite apple juice, 64oz bottle, all varieties          2/$4

San Giorgio pasta, 16oz box, all varieties       4/$5

Prego 100% natural pasta sauce, 23-24oz jar, all varieties     2/$5

Shop Rite vegetables, green beans, corn, carrots, mixed vegetables, beets, potatoes or peas, 12-15.25oz can (excluding organic)     5/$4

Heinz seafood cocktail or chili sauce, 12oz bottle      $2.59

Grey Poupon dijon mustard, 8oz jar, all varieties        $2.99

Ortega taco kit, 10-15.2oz package     $2.99

Chicken of the Sea pink salmon, 14.75oz can $3.49

Smart Balance light mayonnaise dressing with Omega 3, 16oz jar     $3.29

Hormel chili, 15oz can, all varieties    $2.29

Heinz relish, 10oz jar, all varieties       $1.49

Chef Boyardee pasta, 14.5-15oz can, all varieties       $1.39

Knorr rice sides, 5.3-6.4oz package, all varieties         4/$5

Ken's salad dressing, 9oz bottle, all varieties   2/$3

Pam cooking spray, 5-6oz aerosol can (excluding organic)     $3.49

Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning, 2-2.5oz package, all varieties   $2.79

NEW! Cucina & Amore quinoa meal, 7.9oz package, all varieties      $3.99

Iceland Spring water, 1.5 liter bottle   $1.99

Arnold Palmer or Golden Bear lemonades & Iced Teas, 23oz can (warm only), all varieties  $0.99

Sparkling Ice zero calories sparkling water, 17oz bottle, all varieties (warm only)        5/$5

Robert's Pirate's Booty aged white cheddar or smart puff, 4-4.5oz bag            2/$5

Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water, 500ml package             2/$4

Melitta coffee, 10.5-11.5oz can, all varieties (excluding decaf & Café)          $3.99

Lipton tea bags, 100 count box           $4.99

Shop Rite sugar, 4lb bag         $2.99

Betty Crocker frosting, 12-16oz package          $2.39

Duncan Hines cake mix, 16-16.5oz package   4/$5

Nature Valley granola bars, 6.7-8.9oz box       2/$7

Hunt's snack pack pudding, 4 pack, 13oz package      $1.49

Gatorade thirst quencher, 64oz bottle, all varieties     2/$4

Dole fruit bowls, 4 pack, 16-17.2oz package    2/$5

Welch's grape jelly or jam, 22oz squeeze bottle          $2.29

Aunt Jemima pancake mix, 32-35oz package, all varieties     $2.99

Skippy peanut butter, 15-16.3oz jar     $2.99

Mio liquid water enhancer, 1.62oz package, all varieties        2/$6

Aunt Jemima pancake syrup, 24oz bottle, all varieties            $3.99

Haddon House hearts of palms, 14.4oz can     2/$5

Viva paper towels, 102 count roll        2/$4

Cottonelle toilet tissue, 9-12 pack bundle, 1989 - 2760 count $8.99

Shop Rite napkins, 250 count package, white or printed         $1.99

NEW! Grab Green 3-in-1 laundry detergent pods, 24 count package   $8.99

Wisk 2X liquid laundry detergent, 50oz container        $6.99

Clorox bleach, 64oz container, all varieties    $2.99

Clorox disinfecting wipes, 34 or 35 count package      $2.99

Windex glass and multi surface cleaner, 32oz spray bottle      $3.99

Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil, 75 square foot roll       $4.99

Glade candles, 3.8oz package, all varieties    $3.99

Pantene shampoo or conditioner, 12.6oz bottle          $4.99

Fancy Feast cat food, 3oz can (excluding Elegant Medleys & Mornings)        5/$4

Purina Beneful prepared meals for dogs,         9-10oz container, all varieties $1.99



Snapple iced tea, 6 pack only, 16oz glass bottles       $3.99

Keebler Townhouse crackers, 9.2-13.8oz box  $2.99

Blue Point Summer ale, 6 pack, 12oz bottles  $9.99

Canada Dry, 7-Up, Sunkist or A&W, 2 liter bottle          3/$5

Coors light or banquet beer, 18 pack, 12oz  cans        $12.99

Mike's hard lemonade, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles $9.99

Imported from Germany, Radeberger Pilsner beer, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles      $8.99

Heineken, Heineken light or Amstel beer,        6 pack, 12oz bottles     $10.99

Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles      $9.99

Coke, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagrams ginger ale, 2 liter bottle  3/$5

Coke, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagrams, 8 pack, 7.5oz cans        $4.59

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Schweppes or Mountain Dew,  6 pack, 12oz can         2/$5

Lay's potato chips, 10-10.5oz bag       2/$6

L.B. Maple Treat maple cream cookies, 14oz package           $3.99



Morton Williams herb roasted turkey breast, sliced to order      $6.99lb

Domestic provolone, by the piece or sliced to order    $4.99lb

Boar's Head blazing buffalo style roasted chicken breast, sliced to order        $7.99lb

Fresh made bocconcini (mozzarella balls)      $6.99lb

Boar's Head Black Forest ham, sliced to order $7.99lb

Morton Williams gourmet grilled london broil wrap made with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce & steak sauce            $6.49 each

Fresh made kale salad $6.99lb

Fresh made chicken piccata served over rice pilaf & grilled vegetables, 16oz portion            $6.99

Store made top round roast beef, sliced to order         $7.99lb

New Zealand cheddar cheese, aged 1 year, by the piece       $4.99lb

Fresh made vegetable crunch salad    $5.99lb

Imported Henry Hutin 60% brie cheese, by the piece  $8.99lb

Fresh made all white meat chicken salad        $6.99lb

Imported Holland red gouda cheese, by the piece      $7.99lb

Center cut white fish, prepackaged      $13.99lb

Imported French roquefort blue cheese, by the piece $15.99lb

Fresh made store roasted brussels sprouts        $5.99lb

Fresh made roasted cornish hen with garlic & rosemary          $4.99 each



Store baked Boulart baguette, 11.5oz loaf      2/$5

Morton Williams 7" red velvet cake      $11.99

Stroehmann Dutch Country potato or 100%  whole wheat bread, 22oz loaf    $2.99

Entenmann's donuts, 12-26.5oz package        2/$6

Superior mini eclairs, 9.75oz package            $2.99

Stacey's pita & bagel chips, 8oz bag, all varieties       2/$5



Ball Park angus all beef franks, 15oz package, regular or bun size      $5.99

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh shaved cold cuts,  8oz package, all varieties $4.99

Plumrose fully cooked pork babyback ribs, 16oz package        $7.99

Hormel fully cooked black label ham, 48oz package  $9.99

Shady Brook Farms turkey bacon, 12oz package         2/$5

Shady Brook Farms turkey sausage, hot or sweet,  20oz package         $4.99

Shady Brook Farms ground turkey,  48oz package       $10.99

Empire Kosher oven roasted or smoked turkey breast, 8oz package     $4.99

Kunzler chicken or turkey franks, 16oz package           2/$4

Perdue baked whole grain breaded chicken breast strips, 12oz package         $5.99

Perdue baked whole grain breaded Italian style chicken breast cutlets, 12oz package           $5.99

Simply Potatoes mashed potatoes, 20oz package, all varieties           $3.99

In our frozen meat department, Applegate organic beef or turkey burgers, 16oz package       $9.99

In our frozen meat department, Brooklyn premium steakhouse burgers, 2lb package  $10.99



Shop Rite premium orange juice, 64oz carton            2/$5

Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt, 5.3oz cup (excludes Oikos)  4/$5

Yoplait GoGurt portable low fat yogurt, 18oz package, all varieties    $2.99

Friendship cottage cheese, 16oz container, all varieties         2/$5

Friendship sour cream, 16oz container, all varieties    2/$4

Philadelphia cream cheese, 8oz bar   2/$5

Turkey Hill iced tea or lemonade, 64oz container       2/$3

Tropicana grapefruit juice, 59oz carafe          $3.99

Shop Rite whipped butter, 8oz container        2/$4

Cracker Barrel cheddar or swiss cheese, 7-8oz bar       2/$7

Kraft American singles, white or yellow, 12oz package           $3.49

Polly-O string cheese, 9-12oz package            $4.99

Egg Beaters, 12-16oz package, all varieties    $2.99

Laughing Cow cheese, 6oz wedge      $2.99

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! 15-16oz package, bowl or sticks            $2.99

Land O Lakes half & half cream, 16oz container         $2.29

Smart Balance milk, 64oz carton        $2.99

Treasure Cave crumbled feta or blue cheese,  5-6oz package            $2.99

Reddi Wip cream, 6.5oz aerosol can   2/$5

Stonyfield organic yogurt, 6oz cup (excluding Greek style)     5/$5

Fage Total Greek yogurt, 17.6oz container, all varieties         $3.99

Fage fruyo Greek nonfat strained yogurt, 6oz cup, all varieties            $1.39



Turkey Hill ice cream, 48oz package  2/$6

Magnum ice cream bars, 3 count package, all varieties         $3.99

Luigi's real Italian ice, 6 pack cups, 36oz package     $2.99

Van's natural foods waffles or pancakes,       7.5-9oz package 2/$5

Weight Watchers Smart Ones, 3.95-11.6oz package, (excluding desserts)       $2.99

Hungry-Man dinners, 13.1-16oz package, all varieties $2.99

Stouffer's entrée's, 6-21oz box, all varieties (excluding macaroni & cheese)   $3.99

Totino's pizza rolls, 7.5oz package, all varieties          $1.99

Celeste pizza, 5-5.9oz package, all varieties   4/$5

Mrs. T's pierogies, 12.84-16oz package, all varieties   $2.79

Gorton's grilled fillets, 7.1oz package, all varieties      $3.49

Shop Rite vegetables, cut corn, broccoli spears or chopped, mixed vegetables and green peas only, 10oz package            5/$4



California nectarines, 64 size  $1.49lb

Fresh blueberries, 1 pint container      2/$5

Red ripe tomatoes on the vine $1.99lb

California cantaloupes, 12 size           $2.99

Fresh yellow or green squash   $.99lb

Fresh corn        4/$2

Sweet bing cherries, 10 row     $3.99lb

California broccoli crowns       $1.99lb

California white peaches         $2.49lb

Fresh spinach, 8oz bag            2/$5

Fresh mint, by the bunch         $1.49 each

Jumbo white onions     $.99lb

U.S. #1 Idaho potatoes, 80 size           $.79lb

Snow white organic mushrooms, 8oz package, whole only     $2.99



USDA choice top round london broil   $4.99lb

Ready to cook, Asian style beef stir fry $5.99lb

Fresh pork babyback ribs          $3.99lb

USDA choice beef eyeround for roast  $4.99lb

Fresh center cut boneless pork chops or roast  $3.99lb

Fresh Nature shoulder veal chops        $4.99lb

Esposito fresh pork sausage made with peppers & onions        $4.99lb

USDA choice flat iron steak     $5.99lb

Fresh sliced pork babyback ribs            $4.59lb

Fresh Perdue cornish hens       $2.99lb

Fresh boneless pork for stew     $3.99lb

Grade 'A' all natural chicken thighs, 2lbs or more        $1.59lb

Grade 'A' all natural chicken drumsticks, 2lbs or more $1.49lb

Fresh, turkey wings or drumsticks          $1.49lb

Harvestland all natural antibiotic free boneless chicken breast           $5.99lb

Clayton's organic ground beef $8.99lb



Fresh cut scrod fillet    $6.99lb

Great for the grill, fresh cut salmon steak         $7.99lb

Fresh small bay scallops          $5.99lb

Frozen at sea swordfish steak   $9.99lb

Buena Ventura boneless bacalao, 8oz package          3/$5

In our frozen seafood department, Sea Cuisine Mediterranean crusted salmon, 8.5oz package         $5.99

In our frozen seafood department, Pier 33 gourmet mussels in white wine sauce, 16oz package        $4.99


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TRIVIA ANSWER: Reddi-wip was invented in 1948 by Aaron S. "Bunny" Lapin. Starting out during the food rationing era of World War II, he invented Sta-Whip as a cream substitute using vegetable oil. After the war, he invented Reddi-Wip in 1948, using real cream, along with a new valve more suitable for whipped cream, with fluting to create a pleasant pattern and a tilt-to-open design that pops back to the center to preserve the propellant gases.


(source: Wiki)


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