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TRIVIA QUESTION: What is Beaujolais nouveau? When is it released each year?

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Here are the Manhattan specials for Friday, November 28, 2014 - Thursday, December 4, 2014.


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Veuve Clicquot brut, 750ml bottle, yellow label only            $45.99

The Glenlivet 12 years old single malt Scotch gift set with 2 glasses, 750ml bottle  $49.99

Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, 2011, 750ml bottle  $12.99

Louis M. Martini cabernet sauvignon, 2012, 750ml bottle    $14.99

Disaronno amaretto Versace gift set with 2 glasses, 750ml bottle     $29.99

Sobieski vodka, 1.75 liter bottle         $21.99

Santa Rita reserva sauvignon blanc, gift tin, 750ml bottle      $9.99

Santa Rita reserva cabernet sauvignon, gift tin, 750ml bottle             $9.99

Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, 750ml bottle            $12.99

Barone Fini pinot grigio, 2013, 750ml bottle  $7.99

La Crema Monterey pinot noir, 750ml bottle            $17.99



Fresh imported French rack of lamb   $9.99lb

Polar seltzer, 1 liter bottle, all varieties          4/$3



Kellogg's Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes cereal, 18oz box        $3.99

The Silver Palate Grain Berry cereal, 12-16oz box, all varieties         2/$5

Welch's 100% grape juice, 64oz bottle (excludes Essentials)             $4.99

V8 Original 100% vegetable juice, 46oz bottle           $3.49

Barilla Plus pasta, 14.5oz box, all varieties    2/$4

Prego 100% natural pasta sauce, 23-24oz jar, all varieties     2/$5

Maille mustard, 7.3-7.5oz jar, dijon originale or old style whole grain dijon             2/$6

Ortega taco kit, 10-15.2oz package    $2.99

Bumble Bee solid white tuna in water or oil, 5oz can            2/$3

Hellmann's mayonnaise, 30oz jar, all varieties           $3.99

Orville Redenbacher's microwave popcorn,     6-9oz box      $2.99

Kraft deluxe macaroni & cheese, 10.8-14oz box         $3.99

Minute instant rice, 14oz box, all varieties     $1.99

Maison Orphee organic olive oil, 16.9oz bottle         $7.99

Campbell's Chunky soup, 18.6-19oz can       2/$5

Right Bites or Special K bites 100 calorie snacks, 4.24-4.62oz package, all varieties            $2.99

Manner wafers, 2.25oz bar, all varieties         $0.99

Martinelli's sparkling apple cider, 25.4oz bottle        $2.99

Skinnygirl sparklers sparkling water, 17oz bottle, all varieties          4/$5

Iceland Spring water, 1.5 liter bottle   $1.99

Glaceau Smart water, 1 liter    $1.39

Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water, 1 liter 2/$5

Original Stewart's fountain classic soda, 12oz bottles, 4 pack           $3.49

Snapple iced tea, 64oz bottle  $1.79

Pepperidge Farm Sweet & Simple cookies,        5-7.25oz bag, select varieties          2/$6

LavAzza ground coffee, Classico, Gran Aroma, Gran Selezione or Perfetto, 12oz bags       $7.99

Yogi tea, 16 count box, all varieties    2/$7

Davis Baking Powder, 8.1oz package $2.99

Pillsbury Moist Supreme cake mix, 15.25-18.9oz box           4/$5

Nature Valley granola bars, 6.7-8.9oz box      $3.99

Hunt's snack pack pudding, 4 pack, 13oz package    $1.49

Dole fruit bowls, 4 pack, 16-17.2oz package $3.49

Quaker instant oatmeal, 10.1-15.1oz box       2/$7

Favorit preserves, 12.3oz jar, peach mango, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, forest berry, red cherry or blueberry            2/$6

Nutella hazelnut spread, 13oz jar       $3.99

Jif peanut butter, 15.5-16oz jar          $2.99

4C iced tea mix, 53-74.2oz canister, makes 20-28 quarts       $6.99

Krave jerky, 3.25oz bag, all varieties  $6.99

Viki's granola, 12oz bag, all varieties  $3.99

Ka Me rice crackers, 3.5oz package, all varieties       2/$3

Brawny paper towels, 368 count, 8 pack bundle       $8.99

Cottonelle toilet tissue, 9-12 pack bundle, 1989 - 2592 count           $8.99

Bounty napkins, 220 count package, white or printed          $3.99

Arm & Hammer 2X liquid laundry detergent,  43.75-50oz container            $3.99

Dial body wash, 16-18oz bottle         $4.99

Arm & Hammer fabric softener sheets, 100 count box          $2.99

Palmolive dish washing liquid, 25oz bottle    $2.99

Reynolds Wrap non-stick aluminum foil, 35 square foot roll            $4.99

Glade candles, 3.8oz package, all varieties     $3.99

Edge shave gel, 7-8.4oz package         $2.99

Fancy Feast cat food, 3oz can (excluding Elegant Medleys & Mornings)     5/$4

Arm & Hammer cat litter, 14lb box    $8.99

Purina Beneful prepared meals for dogs,         9-10oz container, all varieties            $1.99



Sapporo Imported premium beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles         $8.99

Peroni Nastro Azzurro or Pilsner Urquell beer, 6pk, 11.2-12oz bottles       $9.99

NEW! Brooklyn 1/2 Ale, 6 pack, 12oz bottles          $9.99

Special K cracker chips, 4-8oz box     $3.49

Rolling Rock beer , 12 pack, 12oz cans          $8.99

Chateau Diana wine product, 750 ml bottle (excluding moscato)      $5.99

Corona extra or light,  6 pack, 12oz bottles    $8.99

Imported from Germany, Schofferhofer hefeweizen or grapefruit hefeweizen beer, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles            $8.99

Canada Dry, 7-Up, Sunkist or A&W, 2 liter bottle   $1.99

Lagunitas IPA, Pale Ale, Day Time or Pilsner beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottle      $9.99

Ciderboys hard cider, 6 pack, 12oz bottles, all varieties        $9.99

Coca-Cola Classic, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagrams ginger ale, 2 liter bottle     3/$5

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Schweppes or Mountain Dew,  6 pack, 12oz can     2/$5

Cheetos or Fritos corn chips, 9-10.25oz bag  2/$5



Store made top round roast beef, sliced to order        $8.49lb

Swiss Lorraine reduced fat or low cholesterol cheese, sliced to order            $6.99lb

Morton Williams mesquite turkey breast,  sliced to order     $6.99lb

Alouette crumbled cheese, blue, feta, gorgonzola or goat, 3.5-4oz package   $2.99

Boar's Head Sweet Slice boneless smoked ham, sliced to order         $8.99lb

Fresh store made Italian style rice balls          $1.99 each

Fresh made Greek pasta salad made with kalamata olives, tomatoes & basil            $6.99lb

Fresh made Greek grilled chicken wrap made with feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onions and oil & vinegar $5.99 each

Boar's Head bold chipotle or all American BBQ seasoned roasted chicken breast, sliced to order    $8.99lb

Imported Jarlsberg cheese, by the piece, regular only            $5.99lb

Fresh made all white meat chicken salad        $6.99lb

Danish fontina cheese, by the piece   $8.99lb

Fresh made vegetable crunch salad     $5.99lb

Imported from France, Tour de Marze brie cheese    $7.99lb

Fresh made whitefish salad     $9.99lb

Old Croc Australian cheedar cheese, 7oz package, sharp or extra sharp        $3.99

Panera soups, 16oz package, all varieties       $3.99

Fresh store made broccoli rabe with garlic      $6.99lb

Morton Williams Sandwich Club - buy 7 sandwiches and get the 8th one FREE…see deli manager for details      



Morton Williams 7" chocolate fudge cake      $9.99

Premiere Moisson organic bread, 17.6-22oz loaf, all varieties           $4.99

Arnold whole grains bread, oat nut, health nut, multi grain, 100% whole wheat, double fiber, 7 grain or 12 grain, low sodium 100% whole wheat, whole grains double protein or nutty almond, 24oz loaf          $2.99

Red Velvet mini cupcakes, 12 pack, 10oz package    $2.99

Isabella's fat free or no sugar added muffins, 4 pack, all varieties      $4.99

Stacey's pita & bagel chips, 8oz bag, all varieties       2/$5



Boar's Head bacon, regular or Canadian style, 16oz package $6.99

Applegate Naturals sliced cold cuts, 7oz package, all varieties (excludes organic)    $5.49

Hebrew National kosher beef salami, 8oz package     $4.99

Jones turkey bacon, 8oz package       $3.99

Simply Potatoes, 24oz package, all varieties  $3.99

Oscar Mayer chicken dunks Lunchables, 4.2oz package       $2.59

Jones liverwurst, 12oz chub   $2.99

Sabrett skinless beef franks, 14oz package, bun size or long $5.99

Perdue Short Cuts, 9oz package, all varieties $4.99

Johnsonville Brats, 19oz package original or beer 'n only      $5.99

Oscar Mayer combo pack cold cuts, 16oz package   $3.99

Plumrose baby back ribs in BBQ sauce, 16oz package          $7.99

In our frozen meat department, El Monterey burritos, 32oz package, all varieties   $4.99

In our frozen meat department, El Monterey chicken & cheese or beef & cheese taquitos , 28oz package, all varieties           $8.99



Tree Ripe orange juice, 59oz carton   2/$4

La Chocolat probiotic lowfat yogurt, 5.3-6oz cup, all varieties         $0.99

Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt, 5.3oz cup, all varieties      $1.69

Friendship sour cream, 8oz container, all varieties     2/$2

Philadelphia soft cream cheese, 8oz container, all varieties    2/$5

Welch's fruit juice cocktail, 59oz carton, passion fruit or concord grape only           $2.99

Tropicana fruit punch or lemonade, 59oz carton, all varieties           $1.79

Shop Rite whipped butter, 8oz container      2/$5

Cracker Barrel cheddar or swiss cheese, 7-8oz bar     2/$7

Borden American singles, white or yellow, 12oz package     $2.99

Shop Rite shredded cheese, 8oz package, all varieties            2/$5

Shop Rite pudding, rice, tapioca or chocolate, 22oz container           $2.59

Golds horseradish, 6oz jar, all varieties          $1.89

Olivio premium spread, 15oz bowl    $2.99

Ba Tampte pickles, 32oz jar, all varieties       $3.49

Land O Lakes half & half cream, 16oz container        $2.29

Baileys coffee creamer, 16oz bottle, all varieties        $1.99

Silk soy milk, 64oz carton, all varieties (excluding Latte)      $2.99

Treasure Cave crumbled feta or blue cheese,  5-6oz package $2.99

Le Grand garden pesto, 5.5oz package           $4.99

Stonyfield organic yogurt, 6oz cup (excluding Greek style)  5/$5

Mountainside Farms hormone free milk, 64oz carton, all varieties    $2.99



Ben & Jerry's ice cream, 1 pint container       2/$6

Edy's Outshine fruit bars, 6-12 count package, all varieties   $3.39

Schar gluten free bagels, plain or cinnamon raisin, 14.1oz package    $3.99

Van's natural foods waffles or pancakes,       7.5-9oz package           $2.99

Healthy Choice meals, 9-12oz package          $3.49

Luvo dinner entrée's, 8-10oz package, select varieties           2/$7

Smucker's Uncrustables, 8oz package, all varieties    $3.49

Bertolli frozen meals, 24oz package   $6.99

MorningStar Farms meatless or veggie burgers, 8-9.5oz package, all varieties          $4.49

Ellios pizza - 9 slice, 18.3-19.64oz package   $3.49

McCain french fries, 19-32oz package, all varieties   $2.99

Green Giant vegetables, 7-10oz box   2/$3



Florida pink grapefruit, 48 size          5/$2

Red ripe grape tomatoes, 1 pint container      2/$5

Uncle Vinny's salads, 5oz container, all varieties       2/$6

Yellow globe onions, 2lb bag  2/$3

Washington state gala apples, 80 size            $1.79lb

Fresh cubanelle peppers         $1.49lb

Washington state bosc pears, 80 size $1.79lb

California baby peeled carrots, 1lb bag           2/$3

California lemons, 165 size     4/$2

Harmless Harvest 100% raw coconut water, 16oz bottle, all varieties          $4.99

Fresh pomegranates, 26 size   2/$4

U.S. #1 red 'A' potatoes          $.79lb

Organic golden delicious apples, 80 size        $2.49lb

Organic kiwi fruit        3/$2.99



USDA PRIME top round london broil          $5.99lb

Fresh store made, ready to cook, boneless chicken breast cordon bleu stuffed with ham & swiss cheese    $4.99lb

Grade 'A' boneless chicken breast, 2lbs or more         $2.99lb

Fresh bone in center cut pork chops or roast $3.99lb

USDA choice boneless bottom round or rump roast $4.99lb

Fresh American shoulder blade lamb chops   $4.99lb

Grade 'A' thin sliced boneless chicken cutlets            $3.99lb

Fresh thin sliced center cut pork chops          $4.59lb

Grade 'A' skinless chicken drumsticks or thighs         $1.99lb

USDA choice boneless beef for stew $4.59lb

Fresh made extra lean ground sirloin   $5.49lb

USDA choice boneless beef eyeround steak  $6.49lb

Fresh smoked hocks   $1.99lb

Fresh whole pigs feet  $1.79lb

Meal Mart kosher ground beef chuck $8.99lb

Harvestland all natural antibiotic free chicken thighs $3.99lb



Ready to cook, fully cleaned peeled & deveined extra large shrimp, 26-30 count     $10.99lb

Fresh organic salmon fillet      $14.99lb

Fresh scrod fillet         $7.99lb

Frozen at sea, swordfish steak           $8.99lb

Fresh cultivated black mussels, 2lb bag          $4.99

Fresh cut tilapia fillet  $3.99lb

Fully cleaned, ready to cook, fresh smelts     $3.99lb


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TRIVIA ANSWER: Beaujolais nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is fermented for just a few weeks before being released for sale on the third Thursday of November. This "Beaujolais Nouveau Day" used to see heavy marketing, with races to get the first bottles to different markets around the globe. The current release practice is to ship the wine ahead of the third Thursday of November, and release it to the local markets at 12:01 a.m. local time.

(source: Wiki)


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