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TRIVIA QUESTION: When was the first known mention of the bagel?

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Here are the Manhattan specials for Friday, September 26, 2014 - Thursday, October 2, 2014.


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Ketel One vodka, 1 liter bottle $31.99

Mark West pinot noir, 2011, 750ml bottle        $8.99

Oyster Bay chardonnay, 2012, 750ml bottle    $9.99

Josh Cellars cabernet sauvignon, 2012, 750ml bottle $11.99

Cloudline pinot noir, 2012, 750ml bottle         $16.99

Ruffino chianti classico riserva ducale (tan label), 2010, 750ml bottle           $19.99

Johnnie Walker red label blended Scotch whisky, 1.75 liter bottle      $39.99

Louis M. Martini cabernet sauvignon, 2012, 750ml bottle       $12.99

Decoy Sonoma county sauvignon blanc, 2013, 750ml bottle $14.99

Clos Du Bois chardonnay, 2012, 750ml bottle $9.99

New Amsterdam vodka, 1.75 liter         $19.99



Perdue grade 'A' oven stuffer roaster (5-7lb average)   $1.19lb

Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail and cocktail juice blends, 64oz bottle (excluding 100% juice)           2/$5



Heartland granola cereal, 14-16oz box, original,  raisin or low fat raisin         2/$6

Shop Rite apple juice, 64oz bottle, all varieties          2/$4

V8 Splash juice blend, 64oz bottle, all varieties         $2.99

San Giorgio pasta, 16oz box, all varieties       3/$3

Maplegrove gluten free macaroni & cheese, 2oz cup, all varieties     2/$5

Barilla pasta sauce, 24oz jar, all varieties       2/$5

Del Monte diced or stewed tomatoes, 14.5oz can, all varieties           $1.39

Hungry Jack mashed potatoes, 15.3oz box      $2.49

Herb ox bouillon cubes, 25 count package, 3.25-3.33oz package, chicken or beef    2/$5

Hellmann's mayonnaise, 22oz squeeze bottle $3.99

Planters honey or dry roasted peanuts, 16oz jar           $4.49

Knorr pasta sides, 4.1-4.9oz package   $1.49

Kraft deluxe macaroni & cheese, 10.8-14oz box         $3.99

Shop Rite long grain white rice, 2lb package  $1.49

Wishbone salad dressing, 8oz bottle, all varieties        $1.99

Smart Balance blended cooking oil, 48oz bottle        $4.99

Progresso Traditional  soup, 18.5-19oz can     2/$4

NEW! Cucina & Amore quinoa meal, 7.9oz package, all varieties      $3.99

Snapple iced tea, 12 pack, 16oz bottles         $7.99

Coco Libre pure organic coconut water, 1 liter package         2/$7

Fiji water, 1.5 liter bottle          2/$4

Skinnygirl sparklers sparkling water, 17oz bottle, all varieties   4/$5

Hint unsweetened essence water, 16oz bottle, all varieties (warm only)          2/$3

Glaceau Smart water, 1 liter    $1.39

Pure Leaf iced tea, 18.5oz bottles, all varieties           4/$5

Folgers coffee, classic, breakfast blend, special, french roast, black silk or half decaf, 10.3-11.3oz can         $3.99

Twinings tea, 20 count box     $2.99

Shop Rite sugar substitute, 100 count, 3.5-3.52oz package (excluding sucralose)      $1.59

Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style or Whipped frosting, 12-16oz package     $2.29

Duncan Hines cake mix, 16-16.5oz package   4/$5

Bosco chocolate syrup, 22oz squeeze bottle   $2.79

Hunt's snack pack pudding, 4 pack, 13oz package      $1.49

Vermont Village Organic apple sauce, 4oz pouch, all varieties          2/$4

Del Monte fruit bowls, 4 pack, 15-16oz package          2/$5

Cream of Wheat enriched farina, 9.8-28oz box           $4.49

Polaner all fruit spread, 13.5-15.25oz jar, regular or sugar free           $2.99

Peter Pan peanut butter, 13-16.3oz jar            2/$5

Karo syrup, 16oz bottle, all varieties    $2.99

Dora hazelnut spread, 7oz package, all varieties         $3.99

Medford Farms savory crackers, 4.4oz box, all varieties           2/$3

Brawny paper towels, single roll, 102 count     2/$4

Scott bathroom tissue, 1,000 count single roll 4/$5

Vanity Fair Everyday napkins, 100 count package       2/$5

NEW! Grab Green 3-in-1 laundry detergent pods, 24 count package   $8.99

Fab 2X liquid laundry detergent, 50oz container        $3.99

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, 24oz package          2/$5

NEW! Grab Green auto dishwashing detergent pods, 24 count package         $8.99

Final Touch fabric softener, 64oz bottle          2/$5

Shop Rite Ultra So Soft dish detergent, 24oz container          $1.99

Listerine antiseptic mouthwash, 33.8oz bottle $6.99

Friskies cat food, 5.5oz can     $0.69

Pedigree dog food, 13.2oz can           $0.99

Milk-Bone dog biscuits, 24-26.4oz box            $3.99



Otter Creek Overgrown American pale ale,      6 pack, 12oz bottles    $9.99

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Schweppes or Mountain Dew,  2 liter bottle     2/$3

Budweiser, Bud light, Ultra or Select 55,  6 pack, 12oz bottles            $7.99

Shock Top wheat beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles, all varieties       $9.99

Imported from Germany, Schofferhofer hefeweizen or grapefruit hefeweizen beer, 6 pack, 11.2oz bottles     $8.99

Smirnoff ice  6 pack, 11.2oz bottles, all varieties        $9.99

Heineken, Heineken light or Amstel beer,        6 pack, 12oz bottles     $9.99

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace or Local 1 & 2, 750ml bottles   $9.99

Sam Adams beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles            $10.99

Coors light or banquet beer, 18 pack, 12oz  cans        $12.99

Sapporo Imported premium beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles           $7.99

Coca-Cola Classic, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagram's ginger ale, 6 pack, 12oz cans       $3.49

Doritos chips, 10-11oz bag      2/$6

Nabisco Wheat Thins, Triscuits or flavor crackers, 5.5-10oz box          $3.59



Boar's Head low salt or deluxe ham, sliced to order     $8.99lb

Domestic provolone, by the piece or sliced to order    $4.99lb

Store made boneless loin of pork, sliced to order        $7.99lb

Old Croc Australian cheedar cheese, 7oz package, sharp or extra sharp         $3.99

Boar's Head blazing buffalo style roasted chicken breast, sliced to order        $8.99lb

Chicken cutlet parmesan with pasta dinner, 16oz portion        $6.99

Chicken cutlet parmesan with pasta dinner, 16oz portion        $5.99

Fresh made red quinoa & chick pea salad       $5.99lb

Just heat & serve, fully cooked, barbeque or buffalo chicken wings     $5.99lb

Morton Williams mesquite smoked turkey breast,  sliced to order         $6.99lb

Imported parmigiano reggiano, by the piece or grated           $11.99lb

Fresh made vegetable crunch salad    $5.99lb

Fresh made bocconcini (mozzarella balls)      $6.99lb

Fresh made shrimp salad         $9.99lb

Imported Henry Hutin 60% brie cheese, by the piece  $8.99lb

Acme nova, 12oz package      $15.99

Imported from Switzerland, gruyere cheese, by the piece       $16.99lb

Blue Hill Bay all natural herring, 12oz jar, cream, wine or with dill     $4.99

Fresh store made roasted cauliflower au gratin            $6.99lb



Fresh baked bagels, all varieties          3/$1

Morton Williams 7" carrot cake            $11.99

Arnold 100% stoneground wheat, brick oven white, lite whole wheat or lite multi-grain, 16-20oz loaf            2/$5

NEW! Martin's cinnamon raisin swirl potato bread, 14oz loaf   $1.89

Entenmann's loaf cakes, 11.5-16oz package   2/$5

Superior mini eclairs, 9.75oz package            $2.99



Hillshire Farm Deli Select, 7-9oz tub, all varieties       $3.99

Oscar Mayer Selects angus beef franks, 14oz package, regular or bun size     $5.99

Oscar Mayer lean bacon, regular, low salt or thick, 16oz package      $8.99

Hatfield applewood smoked bacon, 16oz package      $5.99

Kunzler chicken or turkey franks, 16oz package           3/$5

Oscar Mayer Lunchables, 4.2-4.3oz package, cheese or pepperoni pizza only           3/$6

Gwaltney meat bologna, 16oz package          $1.99

Butterball turkey variety pack, 12oz package   $3.49

Shady Brook Farms regular or Italian style seasoned ground turkey,  20.8oz package $5.99

Shady Brook Farms beef meatballs,  12oz package     $4.99

Perdue Perfect Portions boneless & skinless Italian Style chicken breast, 1.5lb package        $8.99

In our frozen meat department, classic corn dogs, 16oz package       $4.99

In our frozen meat department, Banquet Brown & Serve breakfast links or patties, 6.4-7oz package, all varieties            3/$5

In our frozen meat department, Ball Park fully cooked grilled beef hamburgers, 18oz package, regular, with onions or with cheese     $8.99



Florida's Natural premium orange juice, 59oz carton  2/$6

Dannon yogurt, 6oz cup, Fruit on the Bottom, All Natural or Light & Fit only  4/$2

Yo Crunch yogurt, 6oz cup, all varieties (excluding greek style)          5/$4

La Chocolat probiotic lowfat yogurt, 5.3-6oz cup, all varieties            $0.99

Axelrod cottage cheese, 16oz container, all varieties 2/$5

Friendship sour cream, 8oz container, all varieties      $0.99

Shop Rite soft cream cheese, 8oz container, all varieties       $1.99

Ssips iced tea and juice drinks, 59oz carton    $1.39

Tropicana Trop50 juices, 50% less sugar & calories, 59oz carafe, (excluding Tropicana regular)      $3.99

Shop Rite whipped butter, 8oz container        $2.69

Kraft American singles, white or yellow, 12oz package           $3.49

Polly-O string cheese, 9-12oz package            $3.99

Sargento deli style sliced cheese, 6.67-8oz package, all varieties      $2.99

Swiss Miss vanilla, chocolate or tapioca pudding, 21-24oz, 6 pack    $2.99

Galbani Sorrento mozzarella, 16oz package, whole milk or part skim $3.99

Galbani Sorrento ricotta cheese, 32oz container, whole milk or part skim       $5.99

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! 15-16oz package, bowl or sticks            $2.99

Ba Tampte pickles, 32oz jar, all varieties        $3.49

International Delight coffee creamer, 16oz bottle, all varieties           2/$4

Silk soy milk, 64oz carton, all varieties (excluding Latte)         $2.99

Evolve Kefir probiotic smoothie, 32oz bottle, all varieties       $3.29

Fage fruyo Greek nonfat strained yogurt, 6oz cup, all varieties            $1.39



Haagen Dazs ice cream, 28oz container         $4.99

Klondike ice cream bars, 4-8 count package   $3.99

Cedar Lane breakfast selections, 6-8.5oz package, select varieties     $4.99

Bertolli Rustico Bakes, 9.3-11.1oz package     $3.99

T.G.I. Friday's appetizers, 7.6-11 oz package  2/$6

Totino's pizza rolls, 7.5oz package, all varieties          $1.99

Tabatchnick soups, 14.5-15oz package, select varieties         2/$4

Italian Village cheese ravioli, 13oz package   2/$3

Stouffer's french bread pizza, 10.25-12.5oz package  $3.79

Mrs. T's pierogies, 12.84-16oz package, all varieties   $2.49

Bird's Eye steamfresh vegetables, 10-12oz package, all varieties        2/$4

Cool Whip topping, 8oz package         $1.69



Fresh green peppers    $.99lb

California baby peeled carrots, 1lb bag           $.99 each

Yellow globe onions, 2lb bag  2/$3

Washington state gala apples, 80 size $1.69lb

Fresh red or green leaf lettuce $1.79lb

Washington state bartlett pears, 80 size           $1.69lb

Fresh green beans       $1.99lb

Fresh spinach, 8oz bag            2/$5

California celery, 30 size         $1.69 each

Butternut squash          $.99lb

Fresh apple cider, half gallon container          $2.99

Southern yams $.99lb

Organic green peppers, 2 count package        $3.99 each

Organic beefsteak tomatoes, 4 count package            $4.99 each



USDA choice boneless beef london broil        $4.99lb

Fresh made, ready to cook pepper steak with peppers & onions           $5.99lb

Fresh bone in center cut pork chops or roast    $3.99lb

Fresh whole pork spareribs       $2.99lb

USDA choice bottom round or rump roast       $4.99lb

Fresh American bone in loin lamb chops        $10.99lb

Fresh bone in center cut thin sliced pork chops           $4.99lb

Fresh sliced pork spareribs       $3.49lb

Fresh Perdue cornish hens       $2.99lb

Fresh grade 'A' whole chicken $1.99lb

Fresh sliced beef liver  $1.59lb

Ready to slice, Jennie-O turkey ham   $3.19lb

USDA choice sliced eyeround steak    $5.99lb

Fresh pork neckbones   $1.59lb

Fresh all natural Bell & Evans whole chicken (excludes organic)        $2.79lb

Nuna all natural organic 80-20 ground beef    $10.99lb



Fresh cut wild salmon fillet      $15.99lb

Jumbo white shrimp with shell on, 16-20 count           $12.99lb

Fresh, ready to cook, whole seasoned European sea bass (bronzini)    $8.99lb

Fresh cajun catfish fillet          $7.99lb

Fresh cultivated black mussels, 2lb bag           $4.99

Imitation crabmeat blend        $2.99lb

In our frozen seafood department, fully cooked, Margaritaville Jammin' jerk shrimp, 8oz package     $7.99


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TRIVIA ANSWER: Linguist Leo Rosten wrote in "The Joys of Yiddish" about the first known mention of the word bajgiel in the "Community Regulations" of the city of Kraków in 1610, which stated that the item was given as a gift to women in childbirth.

In the 16th and first half of the 17th centuries, the bajgiel became a staple of the Polish national diet, and a staple of the Slavic diet generally. Its name derives from the Yiddish word 'beygal' from the German dialect word 'beugel,' meaning 'ring' or 'bracelet.

(source: wiki)


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