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TRIVIA QUESTION: How did Brahma beer (Anheuser-Busch) influence the world cup?

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Here are the Manhattan specials for Friday, October 31, 2014 - Thursday, November 6, 2014.


(Owned and operated by Morton Williams Wine & Spirits, call 212-213-0021 for FREE delivery anywhere in Manhattan, $75 min, 10% case discount on non-sale wine cases)     

Svedka vodka, 1.75 liter bottle           $19.99

Cavit pinot grigio, 2012, 750 ml bottle           $7.99

Cavit pinot grigio, 2012, 1.5 liter bottle         $12.99

Mark West pinot noir, 2011, 750ml bottle        $7.99

Mionetto prosecco brut, 750ml bottle  $9.99

Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc, 2013, 750ml bottle        $9.99

Clos Du Bois chardonnay, 2012, 750ml bottle $9.99

Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley riesling, 2012, 750ml bottle $7.99

Trapiche oak cask malbec, 2012, 750ml bottle           $7.99

Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), Los Vascos cabernet sauvignon, 2012, 750ml bottle           $7.99

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Brand Tennessee whiskey, 1.75 liter bottle (black label)        $49.99



Fresh imported French rack of lamb    $9.99lb

Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail and cocktail juice blends, 64oz bottle (excluding 100% juice)           2/$5



Post honey bunches of oats cereal, 12.5-14.5oz box (excluding Greek)          2/$6

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal,          15-18oz box        $3.99

V8 Splash juice blend, 64oz bottle, all varieties         $2.99

Shop Rite apple juice, 64oz bottle, all varieties          2/$4

San Giorgio pasta, 16oz box, all varieties       3/$3

Classico pasta sauce, 15-24oz jar, all varieties            2/$5

Hunt's tomato sauce, 8oz can, all varieties      $0.69

Hungry Jack mashed potatoes, 15.3oz box      $2.49

Herb ox bouillon cubes, 25 count package, 3.25-3.33oz package, chicken or beef    2/$5

Ortega salsa, 16oz jar, all varieties      $2.99

Starkist solid white tuna in water or oil, 5oz can          4/$5

Heinz home style gravy, 12oz jar, all varieties 4/$5

Planters honey or dry roasted peanuts, 16oz jar           $4.49

Bella Famiglia pepperoncini, 15oz jar            2/$5

Knorr pasta sides, 4.1-4.9oz package   $1.49

Carolina whole grain brown rice, 2lb package 2/$5

Ken's salad dressing, 9oz bottle, all varieties   $2.19

Bertolli extra virgin olive oil, 25.5oz bottle      $6.99

Campbell's Chunky soup, 18.6-19oz can         2/$5

Glaceau Smart water, 1 liter    $1.39

Hint unsweetened essence water, 16oz bottle, all varieties (warm only)          2/$3

Iceland Spring water, 1.5 liter bottle   $1.99

Arnold Palmer or Golden Bear lemonades & Iced Teas, 23oz can (warm only), all varieties  $0.99

Original Stewart's fountain classic soda, 12oz bottles, 4 pack $2.99

Pepperidge Farm Crispy or Soft Baked cookies, 7.2-8.6oz bag (excluding milano, sweet & simple, geneva or brussels)            $2.99

Maxwell House coffee, 10.5-11.5oz can, regular, breakfast blend, french roast, lite, house blend or master blend only             $3.99

Tetley tea bags, 100 count box           $3.49

Pillsbury flour, regular or unbleached, 5lb bag            $2.99

Domino confectioners 10-X or brown sugar, 1lb package        $1.19

Arm & Hammer baking soda, 1lb package       $0.89

Nestle Toll House morsels, 10-12oz package   $2.99

Duncan Hines cake mix, 16-16.5oz package   4/$5

Pillsbury brownie mix, 18.4-19.5oz box, all varieties   $1.69

Bosco chocolate syrup, 22oz squeeze bottle   $2.79

Hunt's snack pack pudding, 4 pack, 13oz package      $1.49

Del Monte fruit bowls, 4 pack, 15-16oz package          2/$5

Cream of Wheat enriched farina, 9.8-28oz box           $4.49

Carnation evaporated milk, 12oz can, all varieties      $1.69

Peter Pan peanut butter, 13-16.3oz jar            2/$5

Asian Gourmet rice crackers, 3.5oz package   $1.99

Brawny paper towels, single roll, 102 count     2/$4

Scott bath tissue, 12 pack bundle, 12,000  count        $11.99

Vanity Fair Everyday napkins, 100 count package       2/$5

Purex 2X liquid laundry detergent, 50oz container     $3.99

Shop Rite bleach, 64oz container, all varieties           $1.79

Palmolive dish washing liquid, 25oz bottle     $3.49

Lysol disinfecting wipes, 24-35 count package            $3.49

Final Touch fabric softener, 64oz bottle          2/$5

Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil, 75 square foot roll       $4.99

Listerine antiseptic mouthwash, 33.8oz bottle $6.99

Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys or Mornings cat food, 3oz can  $0.99

Arm & Hammer cat litter, 14lb box      $8.99

Mighty Dog dog food, 5.5oz can         $0.89



Special K cracker chips, 4-8oz box     $3.49

Cheez it crackers, 9-13.7oz box           $3.59

Sapporo Imported premium beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles           $7.99

Chateau Diana wine product, 750 ml bottle (excluding moscato)       $5.99

Corona extra or light,  12 pack, 12oz bottles    $12.99

Goose Island beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles          $9.99

Stone Go to IPA, 6 pack, 12oz bottles $10.99

Post Road pumpkin ale, 6 pack, 12oz bottles  $9.99

Peroni Nastro Azzurro or Pilsner Urquell beer, 6pk, 11.2-12oz bottles  $9.99

Ciderboys hard cider, 6 pack, 12oz bottles, all varieties          $9.99

Canada Dry, 7-Up, Sunkist or A&W, 2 liter bottle          $1.99

Coca-Cola Classic, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagrams ginger ale, 2 liter bottle     3/$5

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew, 12 pack, 12oz cans   $4.99

Lay's Kettle Cooked potato chips, 8-8.5oz bag, all varieties    2/$5



Morton Williams herb roasted turkey breast,  sliced to order     $6.99lb

Extra creamy muenster cheese, sliced to order or by the piece           $4.99lb

Boar's Head BBQ seasoned roasted chicken breast, sliced to order     $8.99lb

President Le Brie spread, 4.4oz package         $2.99

Boar's Head low salt or deluxe ham, sliced to order     $8.99lb

Morton Williams fresh made grilled chicken, monterey jack cheese, tomato & chipotle aioli spread on a fresh baked 7 grain baguette $6.99

Fresh made red quinoa salad  $6.99lb

Fresh made roasted butternut squash with cranberries $6.99lb

Store baked smoked Virginia ham, sliced to order       $7.99lb

Imported from France, Comte cheese, by the piece    $7.99lb

Fresh made all white meat chicken salad        $6.99lb

Imported Holland red gouda cheese, by the piece      $7.99lb

Fresh made crunchy wheatberry salad $5.99lb

Old Quebec vintage 4 years aged cheddar cheese, by the piece       $14.99lb

Blue Hill Bay Scottish salmon, 4oz package   $7.99

Aged black wax asiago cheese, by the piece  $8.99lb

Fresh store made grilled chicken cutlets          $7.99lb

Fresh made poached salmon with rice pilaf & grilled vegetables, 16oz portion          $8.99

Morton Williams Sandwich Club - buy 7 sandwiches and get the 8th one FREE…see deli manager for details         



Morton Williams 7" chocolate fudge cake       $9.99

Something Sweet chocolate or apple caramel crumble or coffee cake, 22oz            $6.99

Arnold Country bread, 24oz loaf, white, 100% whole wheat, oat bran, honey wheat, multigrain or oatmeal   2/$5

Stroehmann Dutch Country potato or 100%  whole wheat bread, 22oz loaf    $2.99

Pepperidge Farm Italian bread, 20oz loaf       $1.99

Stacey's pita & bagel chips, 8oz bag, all varieties       2/$5



Boar's Head bacon, regular or Canadian style, 16oz package $6.99

Stahl-Meyer beef franks, 12oz package           $2.99

Jennie-O turkey bacon, 12oz package $2.99

Hatfield boneless ham steak, 8oz package, classic, hickory smoked or maple $3.49

Hormel Slow Simmered beef tips & gravy, 15oz package        $7.99

aidells organic, fully cooked, chicken & apple or spinach & feta sausage, 12oz package       $9.99

Butterball variety pack cold cuts, 12oz package          $3.49

Russer sliced pastrami, 8oz package   $4.99

Oscar Mayer Lunchables, turkey & American or turkey & cheddar, 2.9oz package      $2.99

Plumrose fully cooked babyback ribs, 16oz package   $7.99

Hormel turkey pepperoni, 5oz package            $3.99

Stahl-Meyer meat, chicken or turkey franks, 12oz package      4/$5

Hillshire Farm polska kielbasa or beef hot links, 13.5-14oz package    $3.99

In our frozen meat department, Cookin' Good Express chicken, 32oz package, all varieties   $5.99



Tree Ripe orange juice, 59oz carton   2/$4

Dannon Light & Fit, Oikos or Activia Greek yogurt, 5.3oz cup  $1.39

Yo Crunch Yopa! Greek nonfat yogurt, 5.3oz cup, all varieties            $1.39

Yoplait yogurt, 4-6oz cup, excluding greek style, simplait, lactose free or 100 calorie            4/$3

Shop Rite cottage cheese, 16oz container, all varieties         $2.39

Shop Rite sour cream, 16oz container, all varieties    $1.99

Philadelphia soft cream cheese, 8oz container, all varieties  2/$5

Welch's fruit juice cocktail, 59oz carton, passion fruit or concord grape only  $2.99

Tropicana grapefruit juice, 59oz carafe          $3.99

Shop Rite butter, 16oz package, salted or unsalted, quarters  $4.99

Kraft Velveeta slices, 12oz package    $2.99

Kraft shredded cheese, 7-8oz package, all varieties    $3.99

Fleischmann's yeast 3 pack, .75oz package    $1.99

Shop Rite pudding, rice, tapioca or chocolate, 22oz container          $2.59

Egg Beaters, 12-16oz package, all varieties    $2.99

Smart Balance spread, 13-15oz tub    $3.99

Blue Bonnet margarine, 1lb package (quarters)           $1.29

Baileys coffee creamer, 16oz bottle, all varieties        $1.99

Lactaid milk, 64oz carton, all varieties            $3.99

NEW! O Sole Mio pasta, 9oz package, all varieties     $3.99

Le Grand garden pesto, 5.5oz package           $4.99

Mountainside Farms hormone free milk, 64oz carton, all varieties      $2.99



Turkey Hill ice cream, 48oz package  2/$6

Haagen Dazs ice cream bars, 3 count, 9oz package   $3.99

Aunt Jemima pancakes or french toast, 12.5-14.8oz package 2/$5

Weight Watchers Smart Ones, 3.95-11.6oz package, (excluding desserts)       2/$6

Amy's lasagna, 8-9.8oz package, all varieties  $4.99

Totino's pizza rolls, 7.5oz package, all varieties          $1.99

Andrea ravioli, 13oz package  $1.69

Stouffer's french bread pizza, 10.25-12.5oz package  $3.79

Mrs. T's pierogies, 12.84-16oz package, all varieties   $2.49

Birds Eye vegetables & sauce, 8-10oz box      4/$5

Gorton's crunchy fish sticks or fillets, 11.4oz package  $4.99

Pepperidge Farm 3-layer cake, 19-19.6oz package     $3.99



New York State apple totes, 5lb bag, all varieties        $4.99 each

Fresh red peppers        $1.99lb

U.S. #1 Eastern potatoes, 5lb bag       $1.49

California red or green leaf lettuce      $1.79lb

Florida juice oranges, 100 size            4/$2

Fresh eggplant $1.49lb

Washington state honeycrisp apples, 80 size   $2.99lb

Fresh spinach, 10oz bag          $2.49

Fresh cranberries, 10oz bag     $2.99

Imported asparagus     $3.99lb

Jumbo white onions     $.79lb

Seneca apple chips, 2.5oz bag, all varieties   $1.99

Organic bartlett pears, 80 size $1.99lb

Organic baby peeled carrots, 1lb bag $1.99



USDA choice boneless shell steak       $9.99lb

Fresh store made, ready to cook, boneless chicken breast cordon bleu stuffed with ham & swiss cheese        $4.99lb

USDA choice boneless flank steak       $8.99lb

Fresh whole pork shoulder for roasting $1.99lb

Fresh Nature shoulder veal chops        $4.99lb

Grade 'A' skinless chicken drumsticks or thighs $1.99lb

USDA choice thin sliced round beef cutlets    $5.99lb

Fresh Nature round bone veal chops   $5.49lb

Fresh made beef, pork & veal meatloaf mix     $3.99lb

Esposito fresh Italian sausage with peppers & onions   $4.99lb

USDA choice eyeround steak  $5.99lb

USDA choice sliced bone in short ribs $5.99lb

Fresh whole or sliced fowl        $1.59lb

Fresh smoked pork neckbones  $1.99lb

Empire Kosher quartered chicken legs with backs       $2.99lb

Suzy Sirloin all natural lean ground beef        $9.99lb



Fresh Lake Victoria perch fillet            $9.99lb

Fresh wild king salmon fillet     $15.99lb

Fresh fully cleaned whole American red snapper        $9.99lb

Fresh cut scrod fillet    $7.99lb

Fresh minced clams in natural juice   $4.99lb

Fresh cultivated black mussels, 2lb bag           $4.99

Fresh fully cleaned whole butterfish    $3.99lb


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TRIVIA ANSWER: Brazil is an absolutely massive beer market, as Anheuser-Busch InBev well knows. Not only does it have a headquarters in Sao Paolo, but its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup and considerable influence on the soccer governing body helped push Brazil to lift a ban on stadium beer sales for World Cup events.



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