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TRIVIA QUESTION: How has the tradition of Easter Eggs evolved?

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Here are the Manhattan specials for Friday, April 18, 2014 - Thursday, April 24, 2014.


(Owned and operated by Morton Williams Wine & Spirits, call 212-213-0021 for FREE delivery anywhere in Manhattan, $75 min, 10% case discount on non-sale wine cases)

Svedka vodka, 1.75 liter bottle $21.99

La Marca prosecco NV, 750ml bottle  $11.99

Alandra rose, 2012, 750ml bottle        $7.99

Jordan Winery cabernet sauvignon, 750ml bottle        $39.99

Stolichnaya vodka, 1.75 liter bottle     $34.99

Villa Pozzi Nero d'Avola, 2012, 750ml bottle  $7.99

Kris pinot grigio, 2012, 750ml bottle   $10.99

Zonin sparkling rose, 750ml bottle       $7.99

Clos du Bois chardonnay, 2012, 750ml bottle $9.99

Giesen sauvignon blanc, 2013, 750ml bottle  $9.99

Saget La Petite Perriere sauvignon blanc, 750ml bottle         $8.99



Perdue whole chicken legs with thighs            $1.39lb

Dannon yogurt, 6oz cup, Fruit on the Bottom, All Natural or Light & Fit only  5/$2



Heartland granola cereal, 14-16oz box, original,  raisin or low fat raisin         2/$6

Post honeycomb, alpha bits or golden crisp cereal, 11.5-14.75oz box            $3.99

V8 V-Fusion juice blends, 36-46oz bottle, all varieties            2/$6

Ocean Spray 100% grapefruit juice, 60-64oz bottle    $2.99

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest, Smart Taste or Garden Delight pasta, 12-13.25oz box, all varieties            2/$3

No Yolks egg white pasta, 12oz bag, all varieties        $2.69

Ragu pasta sauce, 16-24oz jar, all varieties    2/$5

Aunt Nellie's vegetables, 15.5-16oz jar, all varieties    $1.69

Heinz seafood cocktail or chili sauce, 12oz bottle      $2.39

Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce, 18oz bottle          2/$5

Chicken of the Sea solid white tuna in water or oil, 5oz can   4/$5

Hellmann's mayonnaise, 22oz squeeze bottle $3.99

Vlasic pickles, 16-24oz jar, select varieties      2/$5

Chef Boyardee pasta, 14.5-15oz can, all varieties       $1.39

Kraft macaroni & cheese, 5.5-7.25oz package            $1.69

Carolina rice, 2lb package      $1.99

Ken's salad dressing, 9oz bottle, all varieties   $1.99

Maison Orphee organic olive oil, 16.9oz bottle           $8.99

Ralph & Charlie's all natural juice drink, 18oz bottle (warm only)        4/$5

Glaceau Vitamin water, 20oz bottles, warm only         4/$5

Skinnygirl sparklers sparkling water, 17oz bottle, all varieties   4/$5

Aquafina water, 16.9oz bottles, 24 pack          $4.99

Iceland Spring water, 1.5 liter bottle   $1.99

Fiji water, 1 liter bottle $1.99

Snapple ice tea, 32oz bottle   4/$5

Chock full o'nuts coffee, 10.3-11.5oz can, excluding decaf & Columbian      $3.99

Twinings tea, 20 count box     2/$5

Equal zero calorie sweetener, 4.1oz package, 115 count       $3.99

Bisquick original all purpose baking mix, 20oz box     $2.69

Pillsbury frosting, 12-16oz package     $1.99

Duncan Hines cake mix, 16-16.5oz package   4/$5

Shop Rite rice or corn cakes, 4.9-6.56oz package       $1.69

Hershey's syrup, 18.5-24oz squeeze bottle       $2.89

Jell-O gelatin, .3-3oz package $0.99

Musselman's apple sauce, 6 pack, 24oz package        2/$5

Hero fruit spread, 12oz jar, raspberry, blueberry, apricot, orange bitter, red or black currant, black cherry, forest berry, blackberry or strawberry            2/$6

Smart Balance all natural peanut butter, 16oz jar       $2.99

4C iced tea mix, 53-74.2oz canister, makes 20-28 quarts        $6.99

Kitchens of India authentic Indian gourmet cuisine, 10oz package, red kidney beans curry, mashed vegetable curry, chick peas curry, black gram lentils curry or spinach with cottage cheese and sauce 2/$4

Special K or Fiber Plus bars, 4.4-7oz box, all varieties            2/$5

Brawny paper towels, 368 count, 8 pack bundle          $8.99

Scott bath tissue, 12 pack bundle, 12,000  count        $11.99

Kleenex facial tissues, 160 count white or 152 count assorted            2/$5

All 2X liquid laundry detergent, 50oz container          $4.99

Shop Rite bleach, 64oz container, all varieties           $1.79

Dawn dishwashing liquid, 9oz bottle, all varieties        $1.59

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, 24oz package          2/$5

Lysol disinfecting wipes, 24-35 count package            $2.99

Dial body wash, 16-18oz container      $3.99

Right Guard Sport antiperspirant & deodorant, 2.6-3oz package         2/$4

9 Lives cat food, 4 pack, 22oz package           $2.29

Fresh Step cat litter, 7lb package        $3.59

Mighty Dog dog food, 5.5oz can         $0.89



Heineken, Heineken light or Amstel beer,        6 pack, 12oz bottles     $8.99

Smirnoff ice  6 pack, 11.2oz bottles, all varieties        $9.99

NEW! Miller Fortune, 6 pack, 12oz bottles       $7.99

Chateau Diana wine product, 750 ml bottle (excluding moscato)       $5.99

Sam Adams beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles            $9.99

Goose Island beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles          $10.99

Budweiser, Bud light, Michelob or Select 55 beer, 12 pack, 12oz bottles       $13.99

Long Trail Ale, Mostly Cloudy unfiltered Belgian white or IPA 6 pack, 12oz bottles    $8.99

Sierra Nevada beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles, all varieties            $9.99

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew, 12 pack, 12oz cans   $4.99

Harpoon beer, 6 pack, 12oz bottles     $8.99

Coke, diet Coke, Sprite or Seagrams ginger ale, 2 liter bottle  3/$5

UTZ Natural & Organic potato or tortilla chips, 7.5-10oz bag  $2.99

Ritz crackers, 9.5-16oz box      $2.99



Store baked Virginia ham, sliced to order        $6.99lb

Alpine Lace reduced fat Swiss or American cheese, sliced to order   $6.99lb

Boar's Head Ovengold turkey breast, sliced to order    $7.99lb

Alouette Crème de Brie spreadable cheese, original or with garlic & herbs, 5oz package      $2.99

Hormel genoa or hard salami, sliced to order  $5.99lb

Morton Williams fresh made chicken milanese made with panko chicken strips, provolone cheese, arugula, bruschetta & balsamic dressing on ciabatta bread            $6.99 each

Fresh made quinoa salad with cranberries       $6.99lb

Store made string bean almondine     $5.99lb

Store made juicy top round roast beef, sliced to order            $7.99lb

Imported Jarlsberg cheese, by the piece, regular only            $5.99lb

Fresh made artichoke salad     $5.99lb

New York cheddar cheese, by the piece          $5.99lb

Fresh made shrimp salad         $9.99lb

Polenghi Mascarpone cheese, 250g package $5.99

Shop Rite smoked salmon, 4oz package         $5.99

Imported Spanish manchego cheese aged 4 months, by the piece    $12.99lb

Store made eggplant parmesan          $5.99lb

Panera soups, 16oz package, all varieties       $3.99

Morton Williams Sandwich Club - buy 7 sandwiches and get the 8th one FREE…see deli manager for details         



Morton Williams 7" red velvet cake      $11.99

Premiere Moisson organic bread, 17.6-22oz loaf, all varieties            $4.99

Arnold whole grains bread, oat nut, health nut, multi grain, 100% whole wheat, double fiber, 7 grain or 12 grain, low sodium 100% whole wheat, whole grains double protein or nutty almond, 24oz loaf  $2.99

Stroehmann Dutch Country bread, 22-24oz loaf          $2.99

Stroehmann hot dog or hamburger rolls,       11-15oz package           2/$5

Mini muffins, 12 pack, 10.5oz package, all varieties   $2.99



Hebrew National Kosher sliced beef salami or bologna, 6oz package $2.99

Hormel sliced turkey pepperoni, 6oz package $3.99

Jones turkey bacon, 8oz package        $2.99

Oscar Mayer Lunchables, pepperoni or cheese pizza, 4.2-4.3oz package      2/$5

Shop Rite bacon, regular, low salt or thick, 16oz package      $4.99

Boar's Head boneless ham steak, 7oz package            $3.99

Perdue Fun Shapes dinosaur shapes chicken breast nuggets, 12oz package  $4.99

Perdue breaded chicken breast nuggets with cheese, 12oz package  $4.99

Perdue sweet Italian chicken sausage, 16oz package $4.99

Perdue hot Italian chicken sausage, 16oz package     $4.99

Applegate Naturals uncured turkey or pork pepperoni, 4oz package    $4.99

Oscar Mayer turkey franks, 16oz package         $2.99

Boar's Head fully cooked microwave bacon, 2.29oz package $4.99

Applegate Naturals sliced cold cuts, 7oz package, all varieties (excluding organic)   $4.99



Minute Maid premium orange juice, 59oz carton only, all varieties    2/$5

Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, 21.2oz package, 4 pack, all varieties      2/$7

Sophie no sugar added, non fat Greek yogurt, 5.3oz cup, all varieties            $1.69

Axelrod cottage cheese, 16oz container, all varieties 2/$4

Shop Rite sour cream, 16oz container, all varieties    $1.69

Shop Rite soft cream cheese, 8oz container, all varieties       $1.49

Ssips iced tea and juice drinks, 59oz carton    $1.39

Welch's fruit juice cocktail, 59oz carton, passion fruit or concord grape only  $2.99

Breakstone's whipped butter, 8oz container     2/$4

Kraft American singles, white or yellow, 16oz package           $4.99

Sargento shredded cheese, 5-8oz package, all varieties         $2.99

Kozy Shack pudding, rice, tapioca or chocolate, 22oz container       $3.99

Golds horseradish, 6oz jar, all varieties            $1.89

Polly-O mozzarella, 16oz package, all varieties          $4.99

Olivio premium spread, 15oz bowl      $2.99

Land O Lakes half & half cream, 16oz container         $1.79

International Delight coffee creamer, 16oz package, all varieties       $2.39

Nesquik ready to drink chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavored milk, 14-16oz bottle  $1.69

Sabra hummus, 10oz package, all varieties    2/$6

Sky Top Farms organic ultra pasteurized milk, 64oz carton, all varieties         $4.99

Zen Soy organic soy milk, 64oz carton            $2.99

Siggi's Icelandic style skyr strained non fat yogurt, 5.3oz cup              2/$4



Turkey Hill ice cream, 48oz package  2/$6

Magnolia ice cream bars, 4 count, 12oz package, all varieties           $3.99

Talenti gelato, 1 pint container, all varieties   $4.99

Udi's gluten free bread, bagels or blueberry muffins, 12-14oz package           $4.99

Aunt Jemima waffles, 12.3oz package            $1.99

Lean Cuisine Market Collection, 10.5-12.5oz package            2/$5

Amy's macaroni & cheese or rice mac & cheese, 9oz package           $3.79

Hot Pockets, 6.5-9oz package, all varieties      $2.99

Bertolli frozen meals, 24oz package    $6.99

Oreida fries, 19-32oz package, select varieties            $2.99

Green Giant vegetables, 7-10oz box   4/$5

Marie Callender's pot pies, 16oz package, all varieties           $3.99



Florida pink grapefruit, 48 size 5/$2

Earthbound Farm organic salad, 5oz container, all varieties   2/$7

Red ripe grape tomatoes, 1 pint container      2/$5

Snow white mushrooms, 8oz package, whole only      2/$3

Washington state red delicious apples, 80 size            $1.49lb

Snow white cauliflower, 12 size           $1.99 each

U.S. #1 yams   $.79lb

Fresh eggplant $1.49lb

Imported red pears       $2.49lb

Fresh green peppers    $1.79lb

Fresh spinach, 8oz bag            $2.49

Fresh kiwi fruit  2/$1

Spanish onions            $.99lb

Organic granny smith apples, 80 size  $2.99lb



Fresh boneless center cut pork chops or roast  $3.99lb

Ready to cook, imported whole French rack of lamb   $12.99lb

USDA choice boneless beef eyeround or rump roast   $4.99lb

Smithfield fully cooked smoked spiral ham portions    $2.99lb

Grade 'A' Butterball turkey (10-14 or 20-24lb average) $1.39lb

D'Artagnan fresh whole pekin duck      $3.99lb

Fresh whole pork shoulder for roasting $1.49lb

Imported semi-boneless leg of lamb    $6.99lb

USDA choice bone in beef rib roast    $8.99lb

Fresh fully cleaned rabbit        $3.99lb

Grade 'A' all natural whole chicken     $1.49lb

Esposito fresh made Italian sausage, hot or sweet       $3.69lb

Harvestland all natural antibiotic free boneless chicken cutlets          $5.99lb

Grade 'A' all natural boneless chicken thighs  $3.49lb

Suzy Sirloin all natural filet mignon steak       $19.99lb

Empire kosher boneless chicken cutlets           $5.99lb



Fully cooked, ready to eat large cocktail shrimp, 31-40 count $9.99lb

Imported large basa fillet         $3.99lb

Fresh boneless rainbow trout fillet        $9.99lb

Ready to cook, fresh tilapia fillet with crabmeat stuffing          $7.99lb

Fresh cultivated black mussels, 2lb bag           $4.99 each

Fresh littleneck clams, by the dozen    $4.99 dozen

Previously frozen breaded fish sticks    $2.99lb


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TRIVIA ANSWER: Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are decorated eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime. The oldest tradition is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs, but a modern custom is to substitute chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with confectionery such as jelly beans. Eggs, in general, were a traditional symbol of fertility, and rebirth.


(source: Wiki)


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